European Suppliers Book is an advertising catalog of suppliers from the advertising industry operating on the European market, which aims to support export activities and reach distributors and advertising agencies in Europe. In 2022, its 10th jubilee edition will be issued. ESB is a tool thanks to which it is possible to find interesting products quickly, it significantly improves the comfort of work. A convenient search engine in six languages allows you to efficiently familiarize yourself with the offer of European suppliers and establish contact with selected contractors.


The printed edition of the European Suppliers Book reaches 5,000 companies from 24 countries.
The online version is sent to 50,000 companies all over Europe. ESB is a tool that allows you to quickly find interesting products.


What you should know:


– the deadline for submitting advertisements to the catalog is 08/12/2022,

– the catalog will be shipped in September 2022,

– the catalog is printed in color in A4 format,

– advertisements are arranged alphabetically,

– advertisements are in English for better reception throughout Europe,

– suppliers’ contact details may be presented in special boxes under the advertisements,

– the possibility of presenting keywords that reflect the fullness of the offer.



We have been dealing with business communication on the advertising and printing market for nearly 20 years. Our primary task is to build strong business relationships. We provide high-class tools and solutions that facilitate safe movement in the industry. We also work on the development of the industry in the publishing and IT fields: we publish unique industry magazines and create databases that enable our clients to verify the credibility of potential partners.

Our products:


The only magazine on the Polish market devoted exclusively to promotional gifts and the latest industry trends. A source of knowledge and inspiration for marketing agencies, heads of promotion and purchasing departments of the largest companies.
Free tool for promotional agencies and distributors of promotional products. It is characterized by a dynamic search engine, the ability to send quick queries and a daily source of inspiration.
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